90’s fashion re-run

                                                                                           90’s fashion re-run
“keep it it’ll come back in fashion in 20 years time”


Screen_Shot_2014-07-01_at_2.50.03_PM.pngThey say fashion history repeats itself but have we hit a peak? Is 2014 of influences of fashion coming to an end of not evolving in clothing having to   set back in time and repeat fashion that has once already graced the runway? Has everything already come and gone that designers are just coughing up old pieces and tweaking it a little?

Think back to the coming of age 90’s movies Clueless,Fear,10 things I hate about you (heath was a hunk!) and empire records the list goes on but that’s just a few to get your mind jogging.  Which all by the way great movies! If you have some time or just want to un-wind definitely check them out

After recently watching these old school blast to the past 90’s hits ive come to notice a big influx of 90’s clothing circling around this recent winter and most likely up-coming summer. Not only in our stores such as general pants and sports girl but online too with Asos and Topshop. Either love it or hate it the fluffy jumpers,turtle necks  and Birkenstocks have made a big come back in the shops. Backpacks are as well making a recent come back especially with miss Cara Delevingne creating her own line of backpacks for mulberry very 90’s . I have noticed is that baggy pants are definitely not making a come back but yet converted into drop crotch for both men and women.

My pervious teacher in fashion.. (god rest his soul) said once that has stuck to me. The fashion world is like a pendulum, it’ll go either one way extreme or the other less extreme till it comes to a point in time where it just sits right in the middle. He was right either we see extremes or just medium or a whole mix in the streets.

But is it too much bringing back in a past era in todays society? I feel we have hit a peck and were very advanced than the past world of the 90’s from flip phones to iphones we’ve come along way

I asked fellow uni students of Swinburne for their opinion of the current style of 90’s in shops

Q: Do you feel that it’s a bad choice of the 90’s trend hitting our shops again?

Alyssa: No not at all! I love it since we had previously been in the whole indie thing going on and I loved the 90’s when I was a kid! So I’m pleased to see the jelly shoes and crop tops are making a come back!! I hope scrunchies do too!
Sienna: Yes its not my style they should come up with something new instead of bringing back old trends!!!!

But I guess I am currently wearing jelly flats so… haha


Melissa:  I love it although I wouldn’t wear everything 90’s bits and pieces for sure to be in current fashion

I think if your going to rock the 90’s style instead of going all out and looking a little bit too behind the times rock at least 1-2 pieces from this era J and give it your own vibe and edge to it!

Like laver’s law says anything that comes back into fashion 20 years after its ridiculous… so I guess this means were all ridiculously well dressed then 😉 Mr Laver.

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