Online shopping vs Retail shopping

Screen_Shot_2014-07-01_at_1.23.25_PM.pngWe have so much choice but usually with too much to choose from it creates problems (men usually have this problem with women!) There are so many ways to purchase something, you can do it in the comfort of your home and find a fantastic discount code somewhere. Or you can go in for some retail therapy and get a feel of everything and zone out and make a day of it.

Are more people just going online? Is the retail industry dying out? Actually one thing I question myself in the Melbourne CBD that why are there are so many duplicate stores? Usually less than 100 meters away from each other.  Have we come to time where we just have way to much choice and options and is it creating problems for the retail marketing industry?

When we go online we can just flick thru the pages like a magazine no need of sorting through racks and crazy lines when sale time approaches. Just a simple click of a button and sometimes they offer free delivery or even better delivery within 3 hours depending on some websites.  Google a little bit and you’ll find your self a nice little discount code for your item online. Everything is at your finger tips literally.  So why the need to walk into a shop bother driving down or getting the train? You guessed it, when things are way too good to be true there is always a catch. At times you might stumble across a little bit of trouble buying online. Sometimes we don’t always get the size correct or either that it doesn’t look like what you thought it was on the computer screen! Handy tip: look up the measurements online with your measuring tape

Retail therapy, going on trying things touching things it’s the experience of it all when walking in a department store from the smell of the perfume sprays to the touch of fabrics.  Some stores are made to perfection and take you on a retail journey. I myself love the cosmetic super stores like mecca maxima and recently the new emporium. I get taken away with each detail and every item placed and sometimes its great to unwind and get some inspiration in the city.
Retail therapy is great, but not so great when the shop or department store is under-staffed or unhelpful.

Melbourne Emporium

With the retail marketing industry it feels maybe its lost its sense of branding, unique one offs and money always coming first.
One off shops such as H&M  would be booming right now could you imagine? It’s the one and only in  Australia and in Melbourne! Until that is they start multiplying! That’s what is special about the unique lane ways  selling one off pieces to treasure which you cant find online most times! I love that

But seriously why is there so many duplicate stores located in just afew meters of  each other? I googled but it let me down this time so I decided to take the Melbourne CBD  streets and ask their thoughts on duplicate shops within meters away from each other.

How do you feel that the same shop is only meters down or even in the department store?
Ryan: I Feel sick, I don’t understand why there is so many of the same shops I think there’s about 4 general pants just within the CBD it kind of looses its charm with the shopping experience

Vanessa: Its great because when im in the city the other store might not have it in stock and I can just pop on by to the other and get it in the same day!

Victor:  Im usually buying online now I cant be bothered there’s just so much  going on it does my head in

Rita: I love it, coming here is amazing and I really do enjoy the multiple shops!

In the end there will be forever a battle between the two in the end the choice is yours. What will you choose?

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