Supre Make over

supre-logo-2009_4cb280c7c2169Supre make over!

If you haven’t noticed recently Supre has had a makeover with a new change of style and direction.
Their up-to trend and new season collections have made me see them in an all new light.

When I was 13 Supre was the place to go to for you tees and jeans.It was every girls dream to work at Supre.

After the years went by Supre started to get a name for itself, as a low-end cheap shop. Which was sad as it was a big part of my tween years of growing up. Wearing supre then was the coolest and now in that it was now being frowned upon to be wearing something from supre.

Its recently been bought by COTTON ON clothing and a must say it is a god send to bring this brand back to our wardrobe.
In past years I wouldn’t even give supre a double take until I recently did, spotting something in the window and couldn’t believe when I looked up it was Supre. I definitely predict good things in this current direction that they are following through

With weekly new items designs and colours that are at a fantastic price, are a must have in every girls wardrobe.The quirky designs and outfits are so ever very classy and very in trend clothing. The quality has as well improved since the company has been brought by cotton on.

They have great pieces to collaborate with your current wardrobe as well.
When it comes to fast fashion in my opinion your better off buying something in trend and at a good price.As they say trends come and go but style is forever

Here are my favorites from their new range Electric daze
im really loving the current trend of crop tops and skirts too


FESTIVAL FLOPPY HAT $25 Perfect for sunny days or even for a high-fashioned look paired with skinny black jeans white t and a denim jacket!

BLACK SKINNY LUXE JEAN  $35.00  SPACEDYE LONG SLEEVE TOP $25.00 comes in black and grey!

$25.00 comes in black and grey!




OLIVIA QUILTED SKIRT $35.00 OLIVIA QUILTED CROP TEE $30.00 Two peice outfit under $70 bargain!!

To see the full range go to


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