Georgia Guy


Georgia Palmer & myself
Georgia Palmer is the creator of Adelaide fashion label Georgia Guy. Having completed her advanced diploma of fashion design and technology at Tafe SA, graduating in 2011. Georgia  last year won Emerging Designer Award in 2013 and since then never looked back.

Her unique brand is well known for her bold silhouettes and individual designs. Georgia takes pride in her quality of garments.
Every piece is hand made in her Adelaide studio. From designing to patternmaking as well as cutting and sewing which makes every piece of her collection unique. Using materials sourced from around the world. Having a great attention to detail and highlighting on quality of craftsmanship.
I met Georgia at the Norwood Parades for AFF2014. I was able to get a feel for her textures and quality of her garments which were so beautifully pieced together. Below I interviewed Georgia as she gives us an insight to her life as a designer.



What made you create this label? Tell us your story about your label Georgia Guy?

After finishing my study it felt like a very natural progression to make, I wanted to create clothes that were modern, classic and feminine without being girlie. Georgia Guy is my maiden name so it really is a reflection of me, my style and my life. Wear ability is a key factor for me and something I really take into account when designing as I want customers to not just love their clothes but feel comfortable in them.

Did you study fashion?

I studied an advanced diploma of fashion design and technology at Tafe SA, graduating in 2011.

What is your experience working in the industry before creating your brand?

I had very little fashion industry experience prior to starting my label, which made it a little more challenging and a big learning curve! The year in-between finishing my study and putting together my first full collection (Spring Summer last year) was spent creating small runs of different styles and selling through a small Adelaide based boutique. I also worked in store once week which was great seeing first hand how customers reacted to my garments.


How many years did it take for your idea to hit and start becoming a reality?

After spending a year making bits and bobs I put together a full collection and entered it into the SA emerging designer competition last year and won. That really gave me the boost that this dream could become a reality and what I was doing was worthwhile. 


How did you select and source the materials you use for your collections? What’s the progress for you?

I tend to start off with a few designs in mind- key features/silhouettes and feel that I want to achieve before seeing a few local fabric agents. Fabric choice is a big dictator for my collections so once that is chosen I can get stuck into designing/patternmaking and sampling. My designs really evolve during the patternmaking and sampling process and during that time I can see how things will work together and any gaps in the collection I need to fill. 


How and what gives your inspiration for each collection? Do you go on fashion trips to gain inspiration?

I try not to focus on gaining inspiration as it has always happened very organically for me, seeing a photo in a magazine or finding some fabric will set me off and once I’ve started ideas generally flow pretty easily. I try to keep up to date with what is going on in the world as well as spending a lot of time checking out fashion/street style blogs. I am very excited about the fashion icons exhibition which is coming to the Art Gallery of SA as historical fashion has always been very inspiring to me.



Where is the final product made?

I work from a city studio which is a shared space with several other designers, photographers and an architect. From there I do all the designing, patternmaking, cutting and sewing. Every piece is hand made by myself which is incredibly time consuming but does give me complete control of every piece I put my name to.

Last year you won Emerging Designer Award at the Adelaide Fashion Festival’s Designer Showcase.

Tell us what was it like to win such a prestigious award what opportunities did it open for you?

That was such an amazing night, I can’t believe its been a year already! It was a huge surprise and honor to win as it was my first full collection and what a way to kick things off! Winning the award has opened many doors and helped me to promote my label in a way I could not have done before. As well as brand awareness it has given me as a designer and my label cred within the industry.


Your showcasing your collection at Adelaide fashion festival 2014 this year what direction have you taken with your collection this year?

My spring summer collection this year came from wanting to create a collection which has broad appeal and is wearable. I have also embraced the trend for sheer fabrics by sourcing a beautiful sheer stripe which I have accentuated by playing around with the direction of the stripes. The collection is light with crisp elements such as angled seams and clean silhouettes softened by the use of a beautifully soft cupro blend fabric. There is also a subtle sexiness to it through the use of open back tops which show off just enough skin and giving knee length lady like sheer skirts short lining. The result is casual elegant and easy to wear.



Who’s your inspiration/ fashion designers who you look up to?

Locally I love checking out Bianca Spenders work as it has the clean modern feel I really love. Internationally I really love vintage YSL, Roskanda Ilinic, Gucci (especially the 70’s throwback collections) and most recently at New York fashion week Delpozo- loved it!


And lastly, any advice to people who want to get into the industry!

Be prepared to work really hard! Also, as in life, treat people how you want to be treated as it’s a close knit industry (especially in Adelaide).

Special thanks to Georgia Palmer xx
Check out more of her beautiful collection from her new spring summer 14/15 collection online!



Wild Horses


Natalie Donovan

ME-1Look out for Western Australian tempestuous label WILD HORSES. Designed for untamed women who want to abscond from the herd and dare to be lax but different. Simple, yet striking, the clothing and jewelry assemblage is renowned for achieving naturally inspired fun and accessible designs while still maintaining dark, stormy undertones.

Natalie’s creations are superbly unique as she steers her creative skills into drive ready to road test to onlookers. A woman who takes pride in quality checks, her exceptional craftsmanship ensures each piece of clothing is crafted to sheer perfection. A multi-tasker mum, she has created a marque from scratch, utilizing her prior industry talents and ingenious pattern maker in the making of the business. Natalie allowed her passion to run freely for women who want to escape the herd.

Look book March 2014 SCREEN_Page_01 - Copy

What is your label about?

Wild Horses is about being carefree, wild, spirited and effortless! For women who want to escape the herd.

What made you create this label? Tell us your story?

It all began in 2011 when I would create hand made jewelry out of precious stones. From there I would go to markets specializing in local fashion and from then on it grew and got popular and so I took the next step which was clothing.

How did you get to where you are now with your label?

Perseverance, consistency and strong will! Be 100% you! Keep going and don’t look back. And make sure you remember ‘if the elevator to success is out of order, you’ll have to use the stairs, one step at a time.


IMG_8817 copy

What’s a usual day in the office?

Office is attached to our home as we have two young children. Usual day is wake up 6am, organize kids for school. The day – answer urgent emails, gym, write a to do list of the day and sometimes week/month, try to complete that list! Meeting, appointments throughout the day about up and coming shows, shoots, collections. And if it’s that time of year where we need to organize the next range, we would be in the studio most days pattern making, designing, toiling and sampling.

Did you study fashion? If not what did you study?

I studied Fashion and Textiles at the Institute of Technology in 2010 completing Diploma.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Flexibility of working from home. You have total control on what you design, and how you can style it. It’s very joyful!

copy (corner)
How did you select the materials you used?

Fabrics are usually chosen during pattern making time. I like to be clear in what I’m wanting to use for the collection so I don’t confuse my self and more importantly so I don’t waste time and money. Most of the time I have a theme for the range and I stick with that theme to keep the fabrics cohesive and strong throughout the collection.


How many people are in your team?

There is me, myself and I! And my pattern maker, samplist, factory, book keeper and accountant.

 How and what gives your inspiration for each collection? Do you go on fashion trips to gain inspiration?

I have been on fashion trips over seas. But most of the time the inspiration comes from within. I feel and imagine a lot and from there it creates these little pops of ideas and then it grows.

10612965_777219122335563_9109669175199476108_nWho is your target market?

Women between 18 – 39 years.

How do you go about sourcing your products?
Lots of googling!
Research into fashion
Asking people
Calling and inquiring a lot of businesses in what they do.

Where is the final product made?

The final product is made locally – Fremantle WA. A small handful is made in Indonesia which is mainly the leather side.

What’s your current achievement with the brand that you are most proud of?

Proud that WH is 100% pure and organic. The whole brand has been curated and created by myself. And to have started the label up from nothing is truly inspiring and I feel lots of women can be inspired by each other as we are all strong and passionate beings.


How many years did it take for your idea to hit reality and start becoming a reality?

A good year.

Before creating your brand did you work for another label?

I didn’t as I just thought – hey lets do this! And threw myself into the deep in, head down, bum up!

Which fashion designers do you aspire to?

Stella McCartney,Chanel,Kate moss and the Olsen twins

And lastly, any advice to people who want to get into the industry?

Do it! But, make sure you have the knowledge, strength and financial back up to start. Something tricky and hard as this industry will leave you red and raw. They say to make $100,000 you need $1,000,000.

Special thanks to Natalie Donovan xx

Website :
Instagram: @wildhorseslabel



Matt Newman created ONEBYONE the label way before it was the popular renowned street wear brand it is today. Matt was fresh out of completing his Diploma in Graphic Art and Diploma in Graphic Design. Matt originally started his brand by focusing on creating board shorts with an outcome to eventually be sponsoring extreme sport and water sport brands.

Today his ONEBYONE street wear company was recreated into the world of fashion. His style is out of this world and there is much meaning behind his brand along with his different themes with each season. He is a man who breathes for summer with a seaside lifestyle. His outlook on life seeps through his creative ideas in his clothing. Providing the image of his brand it has today.

oneboneyboneWhat is your label about, I’ve noticed with a few things with ONEBYONE is that you have a strong theme having in your videos for each season; tell us more about that and your story. 

My ONEBYONE label does have a theme to it. If you watch the videos we always use the same models in each film so that you feel apart of the story and can visualize what is happening each season. It’s kind of like a runaway love story in each season. Each season brings something new such as a change, new beginning the way life really is. Life always changes as well as clothing and fashion. My brand is a journey through the themes.

When I had first started ONEBYONE, I had focused my brand as only the intention of creating just surfboard shorts. This stopped quickly as I didn’t want to put in a genre.

I could see the industry was changing as to when I first started my brand. Rip curl, Billabong and other big brands were being out grown by street wear brands. If I kept creating surf wear my brand would eventually die out, I had to develop my range further to become street wear brand. When I converted my brand into street wear I wanted to stand out and be more adventurous than other brands. All my seasons have themes and this corresponds with the seasons.

What’s a usual day in the office?

My usual day is talking to stores, dealing with manufactures, working daily on designing and looking after my brands image. Making sure production is on track. I’m already ordering for next winter 2015!
Writing and replying to emails, PR and searching for fashion bloggers who I can collaborate with. Then designing at night, sometimes till 12am it’s the only way I get into the zone I cut myself from everything and make that commitment at night.

Did you study fashion? If not what did you study?

No I didn’t study fashion.

I went to Holmesglen Tafe Melbourne studied a Double Diploma in Graphic Design & Advanced Diploma in Graphic Art

1660365_10152274055251518_1589364016_nWhat is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

My favorite part is seeing someone wear my label. If its out in nightclubs, beaches or down the street. Seeing your brand out and about gives me a rewarding feeling about myself and the brand.

How did you select the materials you used?

The materials I use is a cotton viscose. 55% cotton 45% viscose. This makes the material feel very soft, In fact it’s what people notice when they come into store and touch our clothing. It also fits nice as well comes out of the wash without damaged to the garments. The quality is better than your normal cotton t-shirt and the quality is important when you purchase anything in stores and online.

How many in you’re team?

Three part time and one full time around up to six people when the store is open at Philip Island in the summer. The brand is constantly growing and expanding there could be more employees in the future!
How did you get to where you are now with your label?

It started as a hobby, I would dedicate long nights without making any money at the start. Anything that I did profit I would put it all back into my brand. From hard work and dedication is where I got to where my label is today.

How and what gives your inspiration for each collection? Do you
go on fashion trips to gain inspiration?

I tend to have a theme in each collection. Sometimes it can relate to what’s currently going on in my life at the time. Sometimes it can as well be reflecting about the summer that has just past. Emotions as well come to play with each theme and collections are part of that. I just can’t come up with the collection straight away. Life’s journey is what makes my ideas come to life or where I am traveling at the time. Such as my pervious collection was called “Lost Heaven” That reflected on how I traveled to Thailand. It’s just all about my current situation and what is happening around me will reflect straight into that season as well a mix with current trends.

Who is your target market?

Well, I say 16-35 but to be honest as I mature the brand matures.
So it grows with me along with the target markets.
onebyeone8 How do you go about sourcing your products?

Well normally I buy samples and from overseas then I do some quality assurance measures on them. Washing them multiple times seeing how it takes. Then from there I get a feel for what’s in trend and I create my own look. I normally send over the trade sketch to china to create the sample that is reproduced with my own unique touches to it.

An example is that I liked a jumper that fitted well it but it was produced with polyester but I wanted to make in different material. So I sent swatches of material that I prefer. Then I create a jumper that will match the fabric and add my own special touch to it to make it unique.

Matt how did you learn about fabrics?

I threw myself in the deep end and taught myself about fabrics.
I learnt on the way with creating my brand and when you create something that you love and passionate about, you become very determined to learn everything you can to pursue your dream.
Dedication is the key!

Where is the final product made?

The product is designed by me in Australia. Final products are made in China.

46570_10151315144366518_598883346_n What’s your current achievement with the brand that you are most proud of?

My most current achievements are often being the most popular/top seller brand on the iconic. Which is fantastic as you know they have more than 250 male brands on the iconic and to be top seller is absolutely the best feeling. I am really  proud about my brand and knowing that the public loves it really makes me feel I’ve achieved a great outcome!
As well opening up my own store down at Phillip Island, which has been around for about 5 years now.

How many years did it take for your idea to hit reality and start How long did it take for your brand to become the strong brand it is today?

When I first started off business was booming in retail, it was a very easy environment to sell clothes to stores before Recession hit. When I first started people had money to spend, Chapel street was booming, Bridge Road had shops everywhere.  During recession it became a really tough time for retail. It first affected with surf wear shops and then moved on to the other fashion brands. No one was taking on new brands onboard, I had to restructure everything and re-born my brand in a tougher environment. The retail market is a whole different ball game, I had to make sure I could keep up with my competitors in this new environment.

Who are your inspirations? What Fashion designers who you look up to?

My inspiration and who I look up to happens when I go to Hong Kong yearly. The big brands there are just so incredible especially the window displays there such as H&M and Louis Vuitton are amazing. Checking out the street wear too whilst I’m there really give me an insight to new ideas for the brand.

321007_10150385989521518_223669426_nAnd lastly any advice for people who want to get into the fashion industry?
If you know what your up for and have a passion and love for designing then go for it. Also another word of advice is that you have to put in the hard yards and dedicate your life before you start making any profit.

Special thanks to Matt Newman


Foxlane Collective


melphototwoWho is Melissa Dilger?
Born out of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

The Arty designer of Foxlane Collective, renowned for her luxurious singular accessory pieces. Countless years of experience in the industry ventured into a domain where the world was soon to be her oyster. Talented and persistent, the designer has carved her DNA towards this driven passion and has reaped a mile stone of rewards. Creating unique trends of each season.
Melissa shares with us her fashion expertise advice in the world of accessories

“Handbags are like best friend you can never have too many”


How did you get started in all this?

I kind of fell into accessories and never looked back.This started with landing an assistant buying job with Equip, followed by designer at Urban Originals and my last job in the workforce for MINKPINK.

What is your label about?
‘Foxlane Collective’ is about offering on trend leather bags at great price point so you can update each season!

What made you create this label? Tell us your story?
I had worked in accessory design for ten years. After having my little girl I decided it was time to put in the hard yards and do it myself! photooneWhat’s a usual day in the office? 

It’s varied, depending on what is happening at that time. I Start at 10am with emails, then anything from designing, chatting to China, following up with our customers, accounts or photo shoot planning. I have a few small breaks during the day and evening, but this all goes on until around 10.30pm.
Did you study fashion? If not, what did you study?
I studied fashion design at East Sydney Tafe.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Seeing people walking around with your designs. Priceless!

photo7 How did you select the materials you used?
I do sourcing trips every three months, so I can source materials for the following seasons range.

How many in your team at Foxlane Collective ?
Myself, my husband who runs warehouse, my accountant and my lovely mum who is a jack of all 

How did you get to where you are now with your label?
With the experience and contacts I have made over the years

photosixxxHow and what gives your inspiration for each collection? Do you go on any fashion trips to gain inspiration?
I’m on social media a ton, which gives me so much inspiration. I also do sourcing trips every three months.

Who is your target market? 

We have such a broad market as our styles appeal to many different groups, but our main market would be women aged 20-35.

Where is the final product made?
We have factories around the globe, but majority come out of Hong Kong and China.


What’s your current achievement with the brand that you are most proud of?

My current achievement is that I am still around with no need to stop after one and a half years.

How many years did it take for your idea to hit reality?

I always wanted to do something for myself, though I didn’t know what, but bit the bullet and got it up and running in a few months. 
Before creating your brand did you work for another label?

Most recently MINKPINK.

Who’s your inspiration and fashion designers who you look up to?

 Love Wang, Phillip Lim, Celine, Chloe, but this changes each season depending on who’s collections I’m feeling into!

And lastly, any advice to people who want to get into the industry!

I’m glad I waited until I had the contacts and experience before jumping into my own label. I don’t think I would have made it if I didn’t do that.

Annnddddd….. as much as I wish I could be designing and doing all the fun stuff every day, the reality is that I spend most of my time doing the boring things like book keeping!!!! 
photo78Special Thanks to Melissa Dilger xx




Dean & Nadine


Founded by artist and designer Lisa Murphy, Dean & Nadine is a unique collection inspired by geometric shapes coupled with beautiful pattern and colour combinations from fashion trends both past and present. The collection is both unique and modern with no one piece being the same allowing people to express their individuality through the Jewellery of Dean & Nadine.

lisamurLisa’s journey into the fashion world began on the completion of her Graphic Design degree from The Surrey Institute of Art & Design in 2003. Her first step was joining the world-renowned fashion leader Diesel at its head office in Italy, where she designed premium fashion invitations in addition to developing concepts for their online market. Lisa was then extended the offer to join the Arcadia Group in London, the brand house of well known labels such as Topshop and Miss Selfridge. Lisa continued to grow her creative ability in designing graphics and window installations as well as point of sale, press packs, and exclusive look-books. After spending 5 years in the fashion industry she then launched herself into the world of advertising working her way-up to Art Director for several leading Global Agencies.

With a desire to explore her naturally creative side in an entrepreneurial way, Lisa moved to Australia in 2011 where she studied at the Sydney School of Jewellery. After discovering Polymer Clay and falling in love with it’s ability to make unique pieces, Lisa’s dream of combining her two passions for fashion and jewellery became a reality with the launch of her jewellery line Dean & Nadine in 2014


Tell us your story
My journey into the fashion world began with the completion of my Graphic Design degree from  & Design in 2003. My first step was joining world renowned fashion leader Diesel at its head office in Italy, where I designed premium fashion invitations. In addition i also  developed concepts for their online market. I was then extended the offer to join the Arcadia Group in London, the brand house of well known labels such as Topshop and Miss Selfridge. I continued to grow my creative ability in designing graphics and window installations as well as point of sale, press packs, and exclusive look-books. After spending 5 years in the fashion industry I then launched myself into the world of advertising working my way-up to Art Director for several leading Global Agencies.

With a desire to explore my naturally creative side in an entrepreneurial way, I moved to Australia in 2011 where I studied at the Sydney School of Jewellery. After discovering Polymer Clay and falling in love with it’s ability to make unique pieces, I combed my two passions for fashion and jewellery and it became a reality with the launch of jewellery line Dean & Nadine in 2014.

What is your label about?

Dean & Nadine is a unique collection inspired by geometric shapes coupled with beautiful pattern and colour combinations from fashion trends both past and present. The collection is both unique and modern with no one piece being the same allowing people to express their individuality through the Jewellery of Dean & Nadine. I carefully make all the pieces by hand, each piece is individually cut out and transformed into stylish and fashionable Jewellery.

How did you get started in all this?

It was about 8 years ago when I first started making Jewellery when I was living in London. Walking home though Covent Garden I stumbled across across a few bead shops and was instantly hooked. Like a magpie I am drawn to anything that sparkles!!! I was soon making Jewellery using precious stones and wire wrapping them.  I started to sell at local fetes and craft shows.

Every spare moment I had in the evenings I would be making new bits of Jewellery. It wasn’t until I moved to Sydney that I discovered polymer clay. Being a freelance Art Director / Designer, I used my quitter times to make Jewellery. I really wanted to have my own brand and start it from scratch so I decided to create Dean & Nadine. I came up with the brand name and it just stated from there.
What’s a usual day in the office?

Each day is always very different for me, which is great! I love the variety and also being able to have full creative freedom in what I do. Every week I usually sit down and draw up a weekly plan, this helps me stay organised and focused on what needs to be done for the week!

When you are your own boss you have to be very strict with yourself and set goals that are realistic and having to make sure you stick to them. It can be very easy to get distracted or loose track so this is a great way to make sure things are getting done. It is important to achieve something every day, no matter how big or small it is.

A typical day could be anything from sketching some new designs, coming-up with new product ideas, liaising with stylists, hand crafting pieces, marketing, selling, shipping out products, sourcing materials, ordering in supplies, working on the website or preparing for the markets or speaking to retailers – lots of variety and it does keep me super busy.

I like to take a break during the day even if it is for half an hour. Walks are great to clear your head and get a fresh perspective on things. Most of my ideas usually come from stepping away for a bit.

Did you study fashion? If not what did you study?

I studied Graphic Design at a fashion college. I worked for a few fashion companies after I graduated including Diesel and Arcadia Group (owner of the Topshop brand).

What is your favorite part about being a Jewellery designer?

I love coming up with new designs, that is my favorite part of the job. As well as exploring, sketching and researching but making sure I am having fun doing it! It’s really nice having the freedom of creativity and not working to a restrictive brief. It is also great seeing people enjoy wearing my creations and when the pieces appear in a fashion shoots that is very rewarding.


How did you select the materials you used?

I studied at Sydney Jewellery school and completed a course specializing in polymer clay. I fell in love with the medium as it is very versatile and allows me to express creativity though shape, patterns and colour combinations. It is also a very unique material, there are not a huge amount of modern fashionable polymer clay artist around but it is becoming increasingly popular with Jewellery designers.


How many in your team?

It is just me at the moment, but my boyfriend helps me out with the markets. He is the Dean in ‘Dean and Nadine’ which came from both our middle names! Ha ha

How did you get to where you are now with your label?
My label is still very new it has been going for less than 6 months now. I just try and sticking to my goals every day and make sure I achieve something new every day. It is important to build up a network of contacts. I find social media a great way to meet new people. It opens up a lot of new opportunities and is a great networking and business tool.

When you are doing something you enjoy it really doesn’t feel like work. I think this makes you work harder without even realizing it! You can achieve anything when you love what you do.

It is also important to make mistakes and not to worry about them. This has been my hardest challenge and it can hold you back. Every mistake I make I learn something new and improve on the design or the product.

How and what gives your inspiration for each collection?

I usually keep up to date with the latest fashion trends though magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs and research. I enjoy going to art galleries and exhibitions also design and fashion events.

Photography is my second passion so I usually take pictures of whatever I see and keep a gallery of inspiration images. Inspiration can come from anywhere or anything so it is always good to get out and about and experience new things.

Who is your target market?

Dean & Nadine is for anyone who wants Jewellery that is unique and get noticed. Being one of a kind pieces you know when you wear Dean & Nadine Jewellery you won’t find anyone else with exactly the same piece.


There are various styles within the collection that would appeal to different people and can be worn on different occasions. My customers so far have ranged from young trendy girls to older sophisticated ladies. I have just started making cufflinks too, so am now attracting the guys! Really anyone can wear Dean & Nadine.

The styles range from eye-catching statement party pieces to bespoke wedding creations. I have also been mindful to design Jewellery that is more subtle for day-to-day wearing. There are lots of black & white staple pieces that are perfect to wear to the office to add a bit of glam to your day. I am also launching lots of new colour combinations – so keep a look out for these new pieces on my instagram and ! I aim to have something that suites everyone and that matches any outfit!

Where is the final product made?
I handmake everything in my small studio (my flat) in Bondi Juction. I look forward to having my own shop and studio one day!


What’s your current achievement with the brand that you are most proud of?

I am proud that it has featured in various fashion shoots, It’s such a great feeling seeing your product on a model as well on print. Also receiving beautiful and amazing compliments and comments from people. It’s great to get encouragement as being a creative person you usually doubt yourself from time to time.

Who’s your inspiration/ fashion designers who you look up to?

It is always an inspiration to see the vintage cool looks by singers Lana del Rey and Paloma Faith and get inspiration for styling, funky outfits and accessories.

Tatty Devine – Jewellery designers are inspiring, they have a great brand story from growing it from scratch then being discovered at the markets to now having their own studio and retail outlets.

Mister Zimi, Mimco and Gorman are great brands they inspiring me with colour combinations and their gorgeous fabric patterns.Cara Delevingne is also a great fashion icon at the moment she is in so many fashion campains – there is no escaping her!

And lastly, any advice to people who want to get into the industry!
Be brave and do what you love to do! Being an emerging designer is like being in a band, you have to put in hours of work and gigs before you get noticed. Try to do as much networking as possible, use all social media channels to promote your work in a professional way. Don’t give up, trust that you are doing a great job and follow your dream!

Special thanks to Lisa Murphy xx

Direction, make-up & styling: Mercer_
Instagram: @mercer_makeupandstyling

Photography: Elle Archer 
Instagram: @ellearcher 

Model: Sandra Nielsen
Instagram: @sandyeight

Jo Blankfield – Fashion Stylist


Fashion Editorials all styled by Jo Blankfield

joFashiolista Jo Blankfield has created a personal stylist profile arising into its twelfth year of unimaginable success in the industry. Jo’s career guide as a fashion stylist boasts of a collective itinerary consulting with broad forum of services. Freelancing her aspiration to assist clients improve their image whether corporate or your street walk in boutique sheik fashionists. Wide-ranging consultancy styling from personal, editorial, wardrobe, merchandising, photographic, catalogue, fashion gala’s, and commercial just to name a few of her mode talents.

Not long ago, I became acquainted with the style fashion diva at the Spring Racing Ultimate Fashion workshop staged at the SOFITEL Melbourne at Collins Street. Jo’s mesmeric charm leaves you hypnotic as she silently approaches you for a chat about aspiring fashion stylists and designers. Observing the mogul strutting her flair of tips and ideas is inexhaustible.

Jo Blankfield has a layer of depth as she relaxes to respond to questions and comments which are out of the ordinary. Learn more about the fashiolista’s life and current ventures from both sides of the industry – what inspires this driven stylist.


What firstly made you want to become a stylist? And how long have you been a stylist for?

I actually fell into styling, originally I trained and performed as an opera singer and studied law at university. For fun and a bit of money, I started assisting my best friend’s mum backstage at fashion parades, and with the styling and gradually realized it was something I had a natural talent in. I started this when I was about 17, so I’ve been in the industry for over 12 years.

How did you first start working as a stylist? What was your first styling job?

I assisted for many years and during this time realized that my interest was in personal styling, so I started taking friends and their friends and mum’s shopping to get experience and then the word got out and it grew further and further. Outside of assisting, I honestly don’t remember when my first solo styling job happened, but I moved from assisting into presenting side by sde with my mentor and then by myself. Whilst still assisting her.

 Had you previously study any fashion related courses? Or did you learn on the job.

I have not done any fashion realated courses and have only learnt from on the job training. Saying this I spent years training on the job, probably over 5 years and even when I was styling solo or running events myself, I would still assist to learn more. 12 years on, I’m still learning from others, including my clients!

Two years ago you were apart of the Westfield National Tour for Autumn/Winter.
Tell us more about the experience of touring!       

I was fortunate enough to work with Westfield as their touring stylist for some time. I toured with Gok Wan, styling the looks back stage. The expectations and pressure in this were incredible, but so enriching. I was literally given 8 minutes to style a complete stranger from scratch, including ensuring that they had hair and make up done in this time as well. I learnt so much from this experience, working with Gok and working under the pressure and learnt that anything really is possible!

 What would you say is your favorite part about working in the fashion industry?

I love the fact that as a personal stylist. I can really make a difference for my clients. I make them feel better about themselves and show them the simple tricks and tools to ensure they always look good and feel confident.

You also do visual merchandising, what’s your favorite part? And how do you go about creating inspiration for VM

VM for me is really an extension of my styling. I like to think about what will inspire the people looking at the display. What is the VM there for, am I setting a scene, is it to sell product, is it to inspire an idea? I get a lot of my inspiration from the context and then create from there. I guess you could say I have quite a practical and logical approach to VM and styling.


 You also host styling parties! Tell us more about this.

Booking a personal stylist can be an investment, one that people aren’t always able to make or uncertain about, so styling parties are a great introduction to the service, but also a great way to get personal styling ideas in a group in an affordable way in your own home. Really it’s a great reason to get the girls together and learn about how to dress for yourself and know what works for each other so when you shop together you can help each other.

 How many Celebrities have you worked with? What was the experience like do you ever get “star stuck”

I’ve worked with Celebrities from time to time, including Jennifer Hawkins, Gok Wan, Trinny and Susannah, cast members from Neighbours, Home & Away and Winners and Losers, Brynne Edelstein to name a few. I have always found them to be lovely and down to earth and I don’t get star struck as I view them as real people who happen to be well know.


 Where is your all time favorite place to shop?

I’m an eclectic shopper. I have great pieces from random shops overseas from Japan to New York and pieces from great Australian designers including Thurley and Sass & Bide, as well as main stream pieces from Portmans, Jag, Sussan etc. I will always check out any store and shop everywhere. I always look for a piece that fits well, suits my style and budget and will work back with my wardrobe.


 Most treasured item in your closet?

This is a hard one! I’m a shoe girl, and have a shoe wall, so I guess it has to be my shoes. I have an amazing pair of Givenchy wooden heels that I picked up for an absolute bargain in NYC. I live in them through summer, and also a pair of leopard print Payless shoes that I always get a compliment on when I wear them and they cost me $20 about 4 years ago and they’re still going strong!!

Five items every girl needs in their wardrobe?

Honestly your key wardrobe pieces do depend on lifestyle, however every girl needs a well fitted bra, it can completely change your shape! Great Jeans are always a good piece to have and any age, shape or personality can find a style that will suit them. A leather Jacket or blazer that isn’t too long is a key piece for anyone. The jacket should end around your hipbone or slightly shorter. This will mean you can work it back with pants, jeans, dresses and skirts as it won’t be too long and overwhelm the look. I often guide my clients to try print pants as they can really lift a wardrobe as too many flat colour pieces won’t mix and match well. They come in so many styles that they really can work for everyone. Remember that the print doesn’t have to be big or too colourful. Finally an LBD or something similar if you don’t wear black. Basically a dress that you can dress up or down and can recreate to look different each time you wear it with accessories and layers.

If you had a time machine what is your favorite fashion era you would like to travel to?

I’d like to travel to the future to see where fashion and style is going. My feeling is that over the last 5-10 years we’ve become more about style than fashion and are trying to work with the best styles from past eras that suit current body shapes and lifestyles and am keen to see how this will develop into the future.


How would you describe your signature look?

I’m quite chameleon-like in my style, however I only wear heels, so I guess that’s my signature look. Obviously I wear sneakers to the gym, but otherwise I always wear heels at work, casually or going out. Right now I’m loving boyfriend jeans and in winter I’ll often be seen in a leather jacket or leather pants.

Favorite stylist trick?

Rubber bands to ¾ your sleeves, which will highlight your waist, make you look taller and leaner, and make an outfit less bulky!

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by the everyday person, particularly my clients. I love seeing them transform and appreciate their openness and willingness to try new things and open themselves up to me and the experience. People who are confident in their style are also a huge inspiration to me as they own their look.


What advice would you give anyone looking to work as a stylist?

Don’t be in a rush. Learning to style takes time and on the job experience is the best thing you can get! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and always be open to learning. Think about what aspect of styling you want to do. Do you want to be an editorial or commercial stylist, is VM your thing, do you like personal styling, do you want to be working in shopping centres? The opportunities and areas are limitless these days and knowing where you want to be and trying them all first is a great idea. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in all aspects of styling and although I am capable of all, I have realized after 12 years that my passion lies in working with the everyday person and working both one on one and presenting at events to do this.

Special Thanks to Jo Blankfield