Cigarettes and Bribes

Cigarettes and Bribes


I tuned into my inner 90’s grunge phase. I love this look from this era….I actually once went through a phase of watching every coming of age 90’s movie. Empire Records, Fear and 10 things I hate about you.. literally the list goes on.

I really loved watching all of these movies and this look is dedicated to that era.

These shoes I purchased in ROME ITALY are my current love. I stumbled across this epic shoe store there. It’s so different how they display their shoes on sale there. They’re in the window and you point to the ones you want in your size, without making a mess and touching them all.  Also….It was really hot that day, but winter is always on my mind!






Foxlane Collective


melphototwoWho is Melissa Dilger?
Born out of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

The Arty designer of Foxlane Collective, renowned for her luxurious singular accessory pieces. Countless years of experience in the industry ventured into a domain where the world was soon to be her oyster. Talented and persistent, the designer has carved her DNA towards this driven passion and has reaped a mile stone of rewards. Creating unique trends of each season.
Melissa shares with us her fashion expertise advice in the world of accessories

“Handbags are like best friend you can never have too many”


How did you get started in all this?

I kind of fell into accessories and never looked back.This started with landing an assistant buying job with Equip, followed by designer at Urban Originals and my last job in the workforce for MINKPINK.

What is your label about?
‘Foxlane Collective’ is about offering on trend leather bags at great price point so you can update each season!

What made you create this label? Tell us your story?
I had worked in accessory design for ten years. After having my little girl I decided it was time to put in the hard yards and do it myself! photooneWhat’s a usual day in the office? 

It’s varied, depending on what is happening at that time. I Start at 10am with emails, then anything from designing, chatting to China, following up with our customers, accounts or photo shoot planning. I have a few small breaks during the day and evening, but this all goes on until around 10.30pm.
Did you study fashion? If not, what did you study?
I studied fashion design at East Sydney Tafe.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Seeing people walking around with your designs. Priceless!

photo7 How did you select the materials you used?
I do sourcing trips every three months, so I can source materials for the following seasons range.

How many in your team at Foxlane Collective ?
Myself, my husband who runs warehouse, my accountant and my lovely mum who is a jack of all 

How did you get to where you are now with your label?
With the experience and contacts I have made over the years

photosixxxHow and what gives your inspiration for each collection? Do you go on any fashion trips to gain inspiration?
I’m on social media a ton, which gives me so much inspiration. I also do sourcing trips every three months.

Who is your target market? 

We have such a broad market as our styles appeal to many different groups, but our main market would be women aged 20-35.

Where is the final product made?
We have factories around the globe, but majority come out of Hong Kong and China.


What’s your current achievement with the brand that you are most proud of?

My current achievement is that I am still around with no need to stop after one and a half years.

How many years did it take for your idea to hit reality?

I always wanted to do something for myself, though I didn’t know what, but bit the bullet and got it up and running in a few months. 
Before creating your brand did you work for another label?

Most recently MINKPINK.

Who’s your inspiration and fashion designers who you look up to?

 Love Wang, Phillip Lim, Celine, Chloe, but this changes each season depending on who’s collections I’m feeling into!

And lastly, any advice to people who want to get into the industry!

I’m glad I waited until I had the contacts and experience before jumping into my own label. I don’t think I would have made it if I didn’t do that.

Annnddddd….. as much as I wish I could be designing and doing all the fun stuff every day, the reality is that I spend most of my time doing the boring things like book keeping!!!! 
photo78Special Thanks to Melissa Dilger xx