Mon Purse: le BLONDE FOX


Mon Purse has generously given me a discount code to all my lovely foxy readers!
Not on just one of the styles, but two different styles of clutches!

Mon Purse is based in New South Wales. They give you the opportunity to become the designer.

You can personalise your own clutch adding your initials to picking your own colour of your clutch and more!

“Designed by you. Handmade in Europe. Free delivery world-wide Covered by our ‘Quality Guarantee’ “

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Leather Pouch

This one is a mega cutie. it’s so versatile and the size is perfect for a night out.

Creating your own personalised leather pouch, will not only outshine from the rest, but knowing it’s your own personal unique creation.

Great for a night out, lunch, dinner or events! The options are endless.

Click below to directly. It’ll take you to Mon Purse’s leather pouch for you to get creative.
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Oversized Leather Clutch

Stay in style from day to night with the oversized leather clutch.
Made from smooth Calf leather and European handmade.
This clutch is not only slim and versatile but you it can fit your iPad, small tablet, cards and phone inside.
Two convenient suede lining internal compartments being able for you take everything in this clutch from day to night.
Especially good if you’re going out for friday after work drinks.
Click below to directly. It’ll take you to Mon Purse’s oversized leather clutch for you to get creative.
Almond, Black and Classic Blue.
three colours
simple designs

Special Thanks to Lana xx

Wonders Cease


MandEFashion Designers Maryanne Edwards and Emma Fitzgerald consorted the discovery made in 2009, namely, ‘Wonders Cease’. Having both studied at South Sydney Institute of TAFE a diploma in Fashion Design, where in fact they had both met at. Both having an aim of their mid to high-end womenswear label is to create pieces that are boutique-exclusive, financially accessible and make the wearer feel fashion forward yet timelessly chic. Wonders cease is gradually becoming known for its signature design of delicate handwriting of sophisticated artless shapes are carefully crafted on feature fabrics. An affordable chic wardrobe with the exclusivity of a silent screen goddess. 
The name wonder cease orginated from Emma, she had  read somewhere ‘What if wonders cease?’ emma and I were discussing that idea and decided that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. If everything we planned for turned out exactly the way it was expected then in essence you could create your own best effort you can and accepting what comes out of it. 
Not wanting to conquer the world, the couturiers aspiration is to progressively pace the label controllably and remain true to their vision that is too establish a successful fashion label that prides itself on quality design, fabrics and workmanship (on Australian shores). To be stocked in a handful of great multi-label boutiques in each state of Australia would be ideal with the future vision of opening our own store or a few one day. 

I was grateful to interview this establish successful fashion label that prides itself on quality design, fabrics and workmanship stocked on Australian shores .As well Congratulations, Maryanne and Emma as the winners for ’Best Emerging Designer’ at ‘The Fashion Forward Festival’ Sydney, May 2010.


What is your label about?  

It’s about quality, in craftsmanship and fabrication. We believe in buying clothes to be worn again and again so our pieces have a timeless appeal to them. They also feature a detail or texture that makes them unique, timeless doesn’t have to equal boring. We believe that clothes, and everything, should be crafted with love and as such maintain a close relationship with our makers.    

What’s a usual day in the office? 

There is no usual day in a small business, Emma and I both juggle part-time jobs as well as our label. We work from our homes on patterns and designs and we dash between makers, fabric agents, boutiques with the mobile office. The role is very cyclical too so it just depends where we are up to in the creating/marketing process.  

Did you study fashion? If not what did you study? 

We both studied at South Sydney Institute of TAFE a diploma in Fashion Design, it’s where we met in fact. 

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer? 

It’s really a wonderful feeling when you see friends or customers wearing and loving your creations. Knowing that they have been ethically made in superior fabrics, encouraging quality over quantity makes me happy. Doing shoots or shows is exciting too when the clothes come to life on a body.  

How did you select the you used? 

Very instinctually, we visit our agents to view the collections and just pull anything that jumps out, we love to use natural fibres so we tend to sort a bit by taking out any synthetics that have caught our eye. Sometimes we have particular fabrics in mind but often we evolve the design as we fabric shop.  

What made you create this label? Tell us your story 

It was very much an organic thing, Emma and I were both in a place of wanting to try something new than the roles we were working in and so decided to create one collection just for the fun of it. It was not really our intention to create a business but rather we just kept designing and exploring ways of marketing and it evolved into the brand it is now. 

How did you get started in all this? 

We put together a tight capsule of about 20 pieces, we had a show at a gallery with industry, friends and family, we took orders. 

How many in your team? 

Just 2 really plus everyone we outsource. 

How did you get to where you are now with your label? 

Every time we designed a new collection we explored new avenues of marketing and sales, we did shows, shoots, pop-up stores, launch parties. The creative process is similar, each season it gets easier to come up with the new range as the brand establishes a signature style. 
How and what gives your inspiration for each collection? Do you go on fashion trips to gain inspiration?  

We love travel, we have been to Tokyo several times plus NYC and Bali together. Always those trips provide great inspiration as well as watching the international shows online, but it’s not necessary as such – we tend to just design from a place of what’s the piece we want in our wardrobe now? or what’s the new version of a favourite style from last collection? Often the fabric does the talking, a style just comes to mind straight away. 

Who is your target market? 

Women like us, aged 25-40. Women with an eye for quality and craftsmanship, smart buyers that want something unique but not heavily trend focused, buying pieces for longevity as well as fun.  


Where is the final product made?  

Our most recent collection was made in Bali where we were based for a few months developing it with our factory there, all collections prior were made here in Sydney. 

What’s your current achievement with the brand that you are most proud of? 

Fashion week was a highlight for sure, and landing a partnership with 

How many years did it take for your idea to hit reality and start becoming a reality? 

I think as soon as you set your mind on something it becomes a reality, we just wanting to create a collection so we did. Every season you start again in terms of getting it out to the customer so it is hard to build a brand when you’re producing physical and seasonal items. 

Any difficulties in creating and production?  

Of course, there are difficulties in anything you put effort into. In creating it could be that you really have a fabric in mind and it’s just not out there, or something looks great as a sketch but just doesn’t translate 3 dimensionally. In production – we haven’t had any disasters as such (thank goodness) just little things, it’s important to be as specific as possible with everything narrowing the margins of error.  

Before creating your brand did you work for another label? 

I worked for Cue on their label Veronika Maine as a designer. 
What are your future plans with your label?  

For now we are actually having a break in the designing while we clear some stock from past seasons, we just reshot some pieces from last winter, it’s fun to restyle and freshen up our image gallery. 

Who’s your inspiration/ fashion designers who you look up to? 

We love Nicholas Ghesquiere especially while he was at Balenciaga, we also love Alexander Wang and now he does Balenciaga! Stella McCartney, The Row, Celine, Givenchy, Jil Sander.  

What’s your feeling for future trends 

I feel like anything goes these days, it’s never been a big interest of mine to predict trends and I think it narrows creativity when you try to work that way. Hopefully the trend is toward ethically made quality garments.  

And lastly, any advice to people who want to get into the industry! 

If design is something you love to do then go for it, we must all spend time doing what lights us up.  





About the creators of ALAS

Betony and Kelly first met on their first day of class at university in Brisbane. At the time they both shared  a common interest both obsessed with the 60’s and gravitated towards each other. Soon after they fast realised they both had grown up in the same area of north west NSW, and had even competed in the same regional drama events as kids without officially meeting each other. 


Over the course of their fashion design degree they discovered a shared aesthetic and approach to sustainability, which led to their collaboration in designing their final uni year collection. The range attracted interest from local boutiques from there they started their first sustainable womenswear brand. However their brand was developing quickly and less likely to stop they decided it was best to travel while they had the time. The besties packed their bags as to only assumed what they thought was only to be a year holiday but instead it ended up being a two year life changing stint in London designing for numerous labels, from one off garments for London Fashion Week to mad up-cycling projects for Topshop. 

About ALAS

ALAS sleepwear allows you to sleep and dream in complete comfort, with peace of mind. Made in india where The range is made of hand loomed wovens and supple organic jersey. The cotton is grown in india as well as spun,woven and dyed.

The designers at ALAS have endeavoured to create a brand that is socially and ecologically responsible, allowing the wearer to sleep and dream in complete comfort, with peace of mind.

Their garments are constructed with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or Fairtrade accredited cotton, meaning that the cotton has been farmed without any dangerous chemicals,pesticides and fertilisers. The fabrics are then dyed and printed using methods that avoid harmful AZO’s and formaldehyde! As well all their packaging,swing tags and business cards are recycled and recyclable. Keeping it all eco friendly. 


Why you created ALAS/why ethical fashion is important ?


For us, it just seemed like common sense. If you are going to create something, why not make a positive difference, minimize your negative impact and connect with the whole production process on a holistic level? As designers, we have a responsibility and we feel that for a product to be truly beautiful it can’t have an ugly past saturated in exploitation of the environment or people. Farmers, dyers, spinners and sewers are all integral parts of creating a garment and we all need to respect them.


Our hope for the future is that ethical fashion will become more prevalent, and, with this mind, we are determined to heed the lessons we have learned along the way and continue to champion ethical fashion.

Meaning of ALAS?

ALAS is an acronym for All Light, All Shadow. This concept is the basis of inspiration for the all-organic Australian sleepwear label, whose colourful,comfortable garments take the wearer from day to night, waking to sleeping. 


What inspires Betony and Kelly?

Cherishing the tiny aspects that make up our world, the designers are inspired
by a myriad of things..the beauty of hummingbirds, the colour of coral,
natural symmetry and practical simplicity.

Some of our greatest barriers have arisen from their manufacturing process, which mostly takes place in India. By basing our operations in India, we source some of the world’s best-quality organic cotton from local growers, and also provide new employment opportunities. But the initial search for a manufacturer that could produce quality garments proved harder than we had imagined – we aren’t after cheap prices, we want quality. 
It can be a long process finding our ethical makers, and we travel to India to meet with them directly. We literally get a handful of contacts, hop in a rickshaw and after about 10 stops (asking for directions) we find the places! Sometimes it leads us to beautiful women’s co-ops in the middle of slums, other times we end up in large industrial facilities with state of the art machines. We need to visit the factories first hand to be sure they are genuine and share similar ethics, it’s not as black and white as “oh this factory has this accreditation”
As well as producing quality garments, another ongoing challenge is ensuring that every step of the process is transparent and fair. This involves considerations such as visiting our factories and suppliers in India, using certified-organic cotton and ensuring that dyes don’t end up in rivers

ALAS recently won the ‘Pure Spirit Award’ – a category of the

UK based Ethical Fashion Forum’s Innovation Awards.


Betony and Kelly have a beautiful studio as well 
we were lucky enough to have these photos for an insight to you all of their studio! 

Their new collection Telescope 
 The prints and colour schemes in the ALAS are not only unique but colourful as well.
A large amount of energy goes into the after care of clothing, so please be mindful. You can machine wash your ALAS garment in cool water, and drip dry to reduce energy consumption. 

T-shirt & track pants Sweatshirt & leggings Lavender PJ set Butterfly shirt & bloomers Butterfly raglan & jersey pants

 Special thanks to Betony and Kelly & Kate from Pistol PR