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Marc by Marc Jacobs Closes

If you haven’t heard by now then I’m sorry to have to break the news: marc by marc Jacobs is soon to be discontinued… That’s right, discontinued – finité, gone, done!  I literally am feeling the same disbelief as when my favourite make up brand took away my perfect foundation colour.

Jacobs and Robert Duffy founded the marc by marc jacobs label way back in 2001 and in doing so they provided their ever growing fan base with a more affordable range. As such, us 20 something year olds could now (somewhat) afford a piece of this classic designer to drape around our wrists.

If you’re anything like me you’l have accrued a small collection, so hold onto your items as they’ll be collectables now. Alternately it would be wise to grab some bits and pieces now, while you still can. If you’re a MMJ newbie, I’ve listened the top items you must purchase before this beauty of a brand disappear forever – click the image to discover where you can buy theses awesome pieces.


I won’t deny I am upset, as marc by marc jacobs was the closet thing I could ever have wearing a well known luxury brand with my price point, especially the quality in their leather pieces – they were well worth every penny. Although the days of marc by marc jacobs may soon be lost (but never forgotten) Marc Jacobs’ CEO Sebastian Suhl hopes merging the lines will help them to fill the gap  in the price points of the luxury and contemporary market caused by cutting the brand. I guess only time will tell if our generation will be walking about with marc by our sides…

VAMFF 2015; Independence Runway show – OYSTER

Well, where do I begin? This show was full of Australian talented fashion masterminds that have sprung up across all over our Australian borders but as well internationally. I was astonished by the whole show to finish up VAMFF – it was definitely a high note for me personally!

Here is how my night  started


kirsty and i

Kirsty Irwin

I began the night feeling inspired and excited, as I was honoured to wear a student piece by Debbie Yann, a 4th year student studying fashion design at RMIT.

Debbie experimented with raw/animalistic materials being tamed as a result this beautiful jacket was created I flaunted her spectacular creation throughout the night. Over 100 hours of hand-sewed work was put into the jacket to be created! Student feature will be soon all about Debbie so stay tuned!

Kirsty Irwin and I (creator/designer of KIRSTY IRWIN label & JAGGAR the label) Hung out for a little and talked all things fashion. I interviewed Kirsty not so long ago online so it was good to meet in person!

emily and i

Emily Highfield

I was delighted to sit next to Emily Highfield at the event. It was good catching up with her; I have always admired her, as she is a talented woman in the fashion industry and an incredible fashion blogger. Emily has just recently launched her new brand HUNTR, be sure to check it out.

The show commenced with last year’s winners Tiffany & Co National Designer Award –


Showcasing detailed leather pieces and grunge edge collection.

Rocking leather to constructed tailored pieces. It was edgy-cool and dark, which i loved about the collection. The detailing on the leather jackets and vests were statement silver zippers which shows quality!

Strateas Carlucci-17 Strateas Carlucci-14 Strateas Carlucci-15 Strateas Carlucci-16

Right after STRATEAS.CARLUCCI, vocalist Chela came out on the runway to perform. And what a performance it was! She sang her song “Handful of Gold” with so much energy. She then danced on the runway with two back up dancers. I can’t really explain in words so here’s a little snip of her performance below. It really has left me in the best mood since.


After being musically satisfied seeing Chela’s performance. The runway commenced with the following designers Celeste Tesoriero, Elissa McGowan, Salasai, Emma Mulholland, Dress up and Pageant. Pageant won this years winners of Tiffany & Co National Designer Award.

Dress Up 

Showing us a couple of pointers on how to dress like a Parisian With the use of darker colours and textures using tailored garments –  creating the perfect French style.

Dress Up-6 Dress Up-2Dress Up-7

Emma Mulholland

Emma Mulholland showcased a beautiful vibrant colourful collection. Featuring embellished statement pieces – detailed designs with sequinned Gullahs!

Emma Mullholland-1
Emma Mullholland-2 Emma Mullholland-5

Celeste Tesoriero 

Keeping in Australian theme Celeste Tesoriero perfected along with having the models parade the runway accessorised with the most sweetest koalas backpacks.

Celeste Tesoriero-3 Celeste Tesoriero-6

Celeste Tesoriero-300

Elissa McGowan

Graceful and stylish Elissa McGowan collection ranged elegantly from water coloured  printed silks to classic feminine silhouettes!

Elissa McGowan Elissa McGowan2


Keeping with all things dark with tailored pieces with smart and tailored pieces along with nostalgic printed shirts to skirts.

Salasai-1 Salasai-2 Salasai-6


This years winners Tiffany & Co National Designer Award.
Pageant’s collection was fresh, glossy and tasteful. Its quintessential silhouettes was nothing less then excepted biker babe’s came to mind!

Pageant-1Pageant-5 Pageant-4

The finale showcased all the designers with the musical track “Freedom” by George Michael as each model paired off-hand in hand down the runway.IndepemdantRunway_101

We left the Oyster show not only impressed by the talent we have in Australia but with a sense of joy from the night that came well into the week.

Over and out… my foxes!

Big thank to AMPR xx

Photography credit: Lucas Dawson

Outfit Edit:

Wearing Debbie Yann’s feather jacket 

Dean & Nadine Aztec drops earrings 

Wild.Horses black jumper

Sportsgirl – wide leg trousers
Big thank you to Lisa from Dean & Nadine Debbie Yann 

Lights In The Dark


Here is a quick post of what I wore to the National Graduate Showcase night! 

Items of clothing worn on the night!


Photographer: Defiant Arts

ps-  I purchased these items 2 years ago from witchery but I’m sure you can find similar items online! xx






Not just another ordinary night in Melbourne town, no not one bit. Fashion week is in full force now. During this time we get to escape from our ordinary lives and into the fashion world. Where you can wear anything in your clothing attire to express yourself and style. Tonight’s runway presented five Australian designers for the cosmopolitan runway show presented by —- But before I get down to business I have to let you in a sneak peek on my night.

On the night talented Perth designer Natalie, creator of WILD.HORSES, dressed me in her current collection. It was great to finally be in her presence and meet her, as I had interviewed her for my blog some time ago. Natalie is a very passionate person about fashion and enjoys creating brilliant garments. Wild Horses is about being carefree, wild,spirited and effortless! For women who want to escape and to be heard. I got to meet Lucy who is a illustrator & textile designer and as well is part of the WILD HORSES team.

As the night went on and grew closer to the runway show about to start I met fellow blogger Nikki from State of Style as well Alex and Jayme from GIVEMETHATHING as we talked about all things blogging! It was such a pleasure to meet all of you.

All right down to business!givemethatthing

The abundance Of Australian talent was exquisite. The runway before show was all lit up in pink lights which really set the scene.

The runway showcased WILD HORSES , CAMEO, THE FIFTH LABEL, SHONA JOY and FINDERS KEEPERS.Here are my top 4 picks from each designer on the night



WILD.HORSES show that you don’t have to stick to pants this winter! Their knit dresses are perfect for that feminine yet edgy look that so suits the slightly less sunny days we’re about to experience. The dark colour palette and use of leathers and textile print designs is what really draws me to this collection.


wildfour wildthree wildtwo


CAMEO’s new collection positively screamed ‘power woman’. Sticking to cool and crisp neutral tones for the cooler months, the collection mixed and matched textures by layering up. Camel, AKA this season’s trending colour, appeared in everything from knits to culottes and helped pull together a range that’ll keep you classy from 9-5 and well into the night!

cameo cameo2 cameo3 cameo4


Classical feminine black and white played a huge part in Shona Joy’s new collection. Bouclé knit dresses and skirts with leather panelling got us super excited for the winter months. Accompanying them were stunning ruched leather dresses and twin sets with complex digital prints. Definitely a collection to love!

shonajoy4 shonajoy3 shonajoy shonajoy2


Finders Keepers’ new collection was dappled with bright jewel tones and striped prints that brought something of Spring and Summer into it’s winter preparations. Relaxed trousers and slouching suit pieces made for a rather quirky and laid back approach to what otherwise might be portrayed as business wear.

finderskeepers finderskeepers2 finderskeepers3 finderskeepe4


In it’s usual style the ensembles presented by The Fifth were about as chilled out as it comes. Jersey dresses, cuffed boyfriend jeans and simple Tee’s worn over Cons gave off a particularly care-free vibe as the label reinterpreted sports luxe in the loungiest of ways. We’re especially loving the great monochrome plaid jackets that made an appearance – they’ve gone straight onto the wish list!


Tune in tomorrow as I tell you all about the National Graduate Showcase… very impressive

Special thanks to…

AMPR Defiant Arts

Natalie from WILD.HORSES

VAMFF: Runway 4 Presented by SHOP TIL YOU DROP and supported by Revlon at Priceline pharmacy


  photooneI was invited to the SHOP TIL YOU DROP runway supported by Revlon at Priceline pharmacy

The show was impressive to begin with the bright lights lit up the runway. I sat in anticipation waiting for what was about to come on show. It was a great opportunity to show all our home talent that we have in Australia. There were so many classic timeless, beautiful elegant pieces it was hard to pick a favourite. But here are all my picks from the Runway, it was impossible to pick just one so I listed as many as I could!


Last night showcased these five talented Australian designers

Alice McCall

Alice McCall had a range of fun watercolour prints throughout her collection classic black and white collection. I adored the abstract prints, its quirky cool. The second outfit I adored was this sophisticated white dress, with what seemed from my eye a devoré detail on the dress. Meaning It had a semi-transparent pattern against the fabric which was absolutely divine

Alice McCall-4

Lucas Dawson Photography

Alice McCall-5

Lucas Dawson Photography


Presented black and white textured pieces in their collection, ranging from unusual knits to silks. As well they played  with digital print on skirts and dresses. This skirt below shows off that different textured look – it’s different and not just a plain pencil skirt but a slit skirt.

The looks I picked out of the collection are versatile looks you can wear them to events to the office and straight after 5 for dinner

Akin by Ginger and Smart-13

Lucas Dawson Photography

Akin by Ginger and Smart-3

Lucas Dawson Photography

Akin by Ginger and Smart-3

Lucas Dawson Photography


Keepsake, as usual, played party to the girly inside us all with their offerings of gorgeous embellished pieces. Shorts, crop tops and pantsuits were fashioned in cool tones throughout the collection. With adequate simplicity each piece was one that could easily take its place in any girls existing closet.


Lucas Dawson Photography


Lucas Dawson Photography


Lucas Dawson Photography


 The collection had a sophisticated 70’s modern spin to it. I fell in love with this tailored blazer featuring gold button, as well the layering different textures together creating high fashioned looks.


Lucas Dawson Photography


Lucas Dawson Photography


Lucas Dawson Photography


WHITE SUEDE is renowned for their quality leather pieces. The models on the night paraded sleek classic looks and timeless investment pieces. Ranging from Sublime leather jackets and coats were paraded over luxe cocktail dresses to create looks that portrayed something of a grungy vibe under the shine of it’s simplicity and class.

White Suede-4

Lucas Dawson Photography

White Suede-2

Lucas Dawson Photography

White Suede-1

Lucas Dawson Photography

Stay tuned as I cover and keep you up to date all things fashion at the Premium Runway 6 Presented by Cosmopolitan and Supported by  REVLON at Priceline Pharmacy xx

Special thanks to


Lucas Dawson Photography

Contessa Dreams

Up and close:


All rings from Contessa Dreams www.contessadreams.com.au