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Marc by Marc Jacobs Closes

If you haven’t heard by now then I’m sorry to have to break the news: marc by marc Jacobs is soon to be discontinued… That’s right, discontinued – finité, gone, done!  I literally am feeling the same disbelief as when my favourite make up brand took away my perfect foundation colour.

Jacobs and Robert Duffy founded the marc by marc jacobs label way back in 2001 and in doing so they provided their ever growing fan base with a more affordable range. As such, us 20 something year olds could now (somewhat) afford a piece of this classic designer to drape around our wrists.

If you’re anything like me you’l have accrued a small collection, so hold onto your items as they’ll be collectables now. Alternately it would be wise to grab some bits and pieces now, while you still can. If you’re a MMJ newbie, I’ve listened the top items you must purchase before this beauty of a brand disappear forever – click the image to discover where you can buy theses awesome pieces.


I won’t deny I am upset, as marc by marc jacobs was the closet thing I could ever have wearing a well known luxury brand with my price point, especially the quality in their leather pieces – they were well worth every penny. Although the days of marc by marc jacobs may soon be lost (but never forgotten) Marc Jacobs’ CEO Sebastian Suhl hopes merging the lines will help them to fill the gap  in the price points of the luxury and contemporary market caused by cutting the brand. I guess only time will tell if our generation will be walking about with marc by our sides…

Lights In The Dark


Here is a quick post of what I wore to the National Graduate Showcase night! 

Items of clothing worn on the night!


Photographer: Defiant Arts

ps-  I purchased these items 2 years ago from witchery but I’m sure you can find similar items online! xx



VAMFF 2015: Opening Event presented by David Jones and supported by Vogue Australia


VAMFF comes around once a year, rewarding Melbourne for the long wait leading up to our most prestigious fashion festival. New York, Paris, Milan and London Fashion Week’s are complete and finally comes our turn to celebrate the beautiful pieces that Australian and International Designers have to offer. 

Melbourne’s Fashion savvy populace gathered, as usual, at Dockland Wharf for the arrival of the biggest opening show, presented by David Jones and supported by Vogue. Featuring beloved Australian brands such as Bianca Spender,Christopher Esber, Ellery,Bassike,Romance Was Born,Camilla and Marc,Carla Zampatti and Michael Lo Sordo just to name a few, it featured over 200 winter looks. 

Jessica Gomes opened the show wearing a delicate sheer piece by designer Camilla. Behind her, as if playing follow the leader, were drummer boys as they drummed to the beat of the music.

Camilla 201


Lucas Dawson Photography


 Soon after Montana Cox graced the runway with her new short locks wearing leopard print beaded dress.

As the models strutted one by one they wore beautiful, lush winter pieces ranging from leathers to knits and warm trench coats. My anticipation for each designer grew, as there was not one outfit I disapproved of. 


Lucas Dawson Photography


There were quite a number of trends that were on hand. Monochrome was strongly present in the runway featuring neutral tones and minimalist looks ranging from knits to coats from Bassike, Viktoria + Woods and Camilla and Marc providing versatile stunning ensembles that caught my eye.

Camilla and Marc-1

Lucas Dawson Photography

 Camilla and Marc

The 70’s silhouettes were also present, as denim and tailored flares took to the runway. As well Cox wearing a fringe black number. Not forgetting our bold colourful prints and patterns by Romance Was Born, nothing less than expected from the daring designer


Romance Was Born-5

Lucas Dawson Photography

Romance Was Born

dermie two

Defiant Arts Media


Stay tuned as I cover more events this week.


dermie one

Defiant Arts Media

Special thanks to

Lucas Dawson Photography

Defiant Arts


VAMFF 2015


We are proud to announce that le BLONDE FOX will be attending VAMFF this year.
Giving you the fresh off the runway updates on the blog

Our main man Dermie Defiant Arts will be snapping DAVID JONES VOGUE RUNWAY along with various other shows!

Thank you for the ongoing support and fans of le BLONDE FOX

It really means the world to me. 

Millicent Elizabeth : Tiffany Stuckey


Not to long ago, I became acquainted with Tiffany at the Adelaide fashion festival. We then spoke about her personal brand and from there she explained about what she did. Her brand Millicent Elizabeth is dedicated to providing classical styles for the busy modern woman.

Millicent Elizabeth is a premium Australia clothing label. Made by hand in Australia with the use of superb natural fibers. It is a unique label in a world of mass-market fashion, as garment production is limited to just 100 garments per style. It offers clients a unique opportunity to own these limited designs as once they sell out to be collectable styles.

Tiffany has built her brand on the principle of clean modern understated elegance. Her range is clean cut and exquisitely classic. This is a powerful range and classical that will never go out of fashion and very useful for everyone’s wardrobe.

“Our philosophy is based on the fundamentals that less is more harmonised with smart design which enhances the wearers natural beauty.”


What made you create Millicent Elizabeth Tell us your story and your brand name.

 My brand names comes from my two middle names which are named after my great-grandmothers. I started Millicent Elizabeth because I felt frustrated as a shopper and couldn’t find a modern minimalist women’s wear brand, in luxurious fabrics.

How did you get started in the industry?
I started off in Merchandising

Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer?
No, I tried a few things before fashion, jewelry design and found it took too long to get tot the end result, I’m pretty impatient, after I design something I want to see it in the flesh straight away to see if works or not.


Where did you study fashion?

How do you go about sourcing your products?
I don’t source, I design, pattern make and sew it all together myself. Proudly Australian designed and made!

How long is the process of a Season collection?
it takes at least 2-3 months to put a collection together, source fabrics, designing and fitting.


What is the feeling like seeing your collection on runway?
It was a phenomenal feeling, it takes your breath away, make all the blood sweat and tears worth it.

Where is the final product made?
In my studio, in the Mill (artist hub)

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Seeing your designs on customer, make them feel beautiful confident and make the piece their own.


How and what gives your inspiration for each collection?
my designs are very architectonic, so I look at architecture, art, interior design and film

Who is your target market?

25- 40 year old women who love design and who love the design detail, it’s the all in the detail. I find a lot of my clients are in the design field themselves architects and interior designers.

How would you describe your personal style? Does it reflect into your designs?

I’m very minimalistic, I don’t like over embellishment, for me less is more, black is certainly my favorite colour. I love fabric but I chose texture over print.


What’s your current achievement with the brand that you are most proud of?

Coming runner-up at this year Emerging Designer Award at the Adelaide Fashion Festival

Who’s your inspiration/ fashion designers who you look up to?
Alexander Wang for Balenciaga, he was the one to bring back-packs in an elegant way.

And lastly, any advice to people who want to get into the industry!
My advice is learn as much as possible from others, as people are your greatest source of information.

If you want to start a label, embodied your brand you are your greatest advertisement.

Special thanks to Tiffany xx

Instagram: @millicentelizabethlabel




Thank you
Thank you for all your support for the last 5 months of having this blog.
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I thank the people who have invited me to events to attend, giving me the opportunity to write a review up on my blog. Thank you.

I created this blog to help students to be inspired that it is possible to become an independent brand. To help emerging designer’s to get out there, to be shown and interviewed about their wonderful talents. To show it is possible to become a stylist. All the brands I have interviewed I thank you all for being apart of my blog and letting me interview you all.

Thank you to Dermie my photographer defiant arts for taking my outfit photos and editing them!!

During the month of January I will be taking a break from posting, but please go through them all and read what the designers have shared with me about their fashion experiences and where they are today in life.

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Delightful Darling



 Meet fashion designer student Hayleah Ralph. Hayleah is inspired by all things fantasy and mystical. Having always been surrounded by Art at a young age, her childhood days were filled with countless art and craft activities. She was encouraged to express herself and think outside the box and question normality.

Now as a designer Her imagination runs wild and free. She strongly encourages the expression of ones self through fashion and to be the main character of your own fairy tail.
Hayleah is finalising her studies at Academy of Design (Bachelor in Design Arts Majoring in Fashion Design) Inspiring her to create her own fashion label right here in Melbourne called Delightful Darling.
Her creations are marvellously unique wholly inspired and based upon fairytale books. I was thrilled to collaborate with Hayleah and her collection, it is based on “The Folk of the Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton.

How long have you wanted a career in fashion? 

Many designers have dreamt of being a designer since when they were little, but for me it was right at the end of year twelve.
When I was choosing what university courses to apply for. I have always enjoyed being creative and dressing up but it wasn’t until then that I really considered a career in fashion.

Tell us about your brand delightful darling

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale.” Delightful Darling aims to embody and share the essence of this statement with the world. Specialising in feminine aesthetic and child like details. The label is all about expressing yourself and having a play with your own look. The collection is exceptionally versatile; incorporating many reversible pieces. This creating ultimate wear ability and allowing the customer to tailor the collection to their own personal style.

Youre currently a student at academy of design in your final year of fashion design , tell us more about your current experience with the academy of design and what you have achieved since attending.

Through out my time at the Academy I’ve been encouraged to really push myself as a creative,br I feel this has shaped me into the designer I am today. Last year I was lucky enough to be selected for a scholarship with a group of nine other students. I traveled to Paris and London on a two week study. This experience was a huge eye opener for me because i had experienced so  much culture and exciting opportunities with the scholarship. This year I also asked to participate in “ A Capital Collection “ runway show as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival cultural program. I was asked to create two looks based on the 60’s. This was a great event as it allowed me to network with other creative people.


How did you go about sourcing your material for this collection?

A lot of research!! I used utilised websites such as aliexpress and alibaba to help me out.

   What inspires you with your brand?

I tend to find my inspiration for Delightful Darling through children’s story books. The launch collection is based on “The Folk of the Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton. The clothes incorporate many hidden details and features like The Enchanted Forrest itself. I aim to carry the story book theme through out all future collections and base every new collection on a different story book.

Who is your target market?

The target customer is a woman who showcases the same fairy tail style and attitudes that the Delightful Darling holds. Puts great thought into how they visually present themselves and uses their style to express themselves in a way of empowerment. The environment in which the label is aimed at are occasions such as tea and garden parties but also whenever the customer wants to feel “classy and fabulous.”


This collection you created something very different with your garments! Tell us.


The collection incorporates some detachable accessories such as cuffs and collars. This adding to the wear ability of the collection and also a feminine touch to any outfit . These accessories also carry their own surprise whimsical feature, they are scented with Jasmine. When these accessories are purchased they also come with a small bottle of scented detergent for them to be hand washed with to reinforce the scent.

What gives you inspiration?

As a designer I gain my inspiration from many places. I really like femininity and anything bright and colourful. I love Spring afternoons and fairytales. I remember standing in Lincraft once and getting overly excited about this beautiful rainbow chiffon material that I found. It had immediately reminded me of a butterfly that I had seen, i knew at that moment i had to have it and create something out of it. I ended up buying the whole ten meters that was left of it!

Have you completed any internship? 

Last year I interned for nine weeks at Megan Park. It was a great insight into the industry and networking opportunity.


What are your goals would you like to be an independent brand or work for a brand? 

My goal is to develop my label Delightful Darling over the next few years while working for an established designer within the industry to build up my experience. Then ultimately I’d love to work full time on my own independent label.

What fashion designers do you look up to?

There are so many designers that I look up to. One in particular is Melbourne based designer Petrova Hammond, who is the head designer for “Lady Petrova”. I really admire her outlook on the fashion industry and her feminine aesthetic. I actually invited her to the “A Capital Collection” runway that I participated it at the beginning of the year. It was a great opportunity to have a chat to her and hear her advise. I have also invited her to my graduate show at the end of this year and am excited to have her view my collection.

What are your future plans do you wish to achieve?


I would love to have Petrova stock the Delightful Darling label in her boutique . This would be a great achievement for me as I feel the label it extremely suited to that environment. I would also like to travel some more and experience all that life has to offer.


Advice for anyone who is currently studying fashion?

Never let an opportunity pass you by!

Special thanks to Hayleah xxx

Adriana Perri
Lewis Macmaster

Photographer: Ebony Finck
Ebony J Finck Photography

Instagram: Delightful_Darling


Wonders Cease


MandEFashion Designers Maryanne Edwards and Emma Fitzgerald consorted the discovery made in 2009, namely, ‘Wonders Cease’. Having both studied at South Sydney Institute of TAFE a diploma in Fashion Design, where in fact they had both met at. Both having an aim of their mid to high-end womenswear label is to create pieces that are boutique-exclusive, financially accessible and make the wearer feel fashion forward yet timelessly chic. Wonders cease is gradually becoming known for its signature design of delicate handwriting of sophisticated artless shapes are carefully crafted on feature fabrics. An affordable chic wardrobe with the exclusivity of a silent screen goddess. 
The name wonder cease orginated from Emma, she had  read somewhere ‘What if wonders cease?’ emma and I were discussing that idea and decided that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. If everything we planned for turned out exactly the way it was expected then in essence you could create your own best effort you can and accepting what comes out of it. 
Not wanting to conquer the world, the couturiers aspiration is to progressively pace the label controllably and remain true to their vision that is too establish a successful fashion label that prides itself on quality design, fabrics and workmanship (on Australian shores). To be stocked in a handful of great multi-label boutiques in each state of Australia would be ideal with the future vision of opening our own store or a few one day. 

I was grateful to interview this establish successful fashion label that prides itself on quality design, fabrics and workmanship stocked on Australian shores .As well Congratulations, Maryanne and Emma as the winners for ’Best Emerging Designer’ at ‘The Fashion Forward Festival’ Sydney, May 2010.


What is your label about?  

It’s about quality, in craftsmanship and fabrication. We believe in buying clothes to be worn again and again so our pieces have a timeless appeal to them. They also feature a detail or texture that makes them unique, timeless doesn’t have to equal boring. We believe that clothes, and everything, should be crafted with love and as such maintain a close relationship with our makers.    

What’s a usual day in the office? 

There is no usual day in a small business, Emma and I both juggle part-time jobs as well as our label. We work from our homes on patterns and designs and we dash between makers, fabric agents, boutiques with the mobile office. The role is very cyclical too so it just depends where we are up to in the creating/marketing process.  

Did you study fashion? If not what did you study? 

We both studied at South Sydney Institute of TAFE a diploma in Fashion Design, it’s where we met in fact. 

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer? 

It’s really a wonderful feeling when you see friends or customers wearing and loving your creations. Knowing that they have been ethically made in superior fabrics, encouraging quality over quantity makes me happy. Doing shoots or shows is exciting too when the clothes come to life on a body.  

How did you select the you used? 

Very instinctually, we visit our agents to view the collections and just pull anything that jumps out, we love to use natural fibres so we tend to sort a bit by taking out any synthetics that have caught our eye. Sometimes we have particular fabrics in mind but often we evolve the design as we fabric shop.  

What made you create this label? Tell us your story 

It was very much an organic thing, Emma and I were both in a place of wanting to try something new than the roles we were working in and so decided to create one collection just for the fun of it. It was not really our intention to create a business but rather we just kept designing and exploring ways of marketing and it evolved into the brand it is now. 

How did you get started in all this? 

We put together a tight capsule of about 20 pieces, we had a show at a gallery with industry, friends and family, we took orders. 

How many in your team? 

Just 2 really plus everyone we outsource. 

How did you get to where you are now with your label? 

Every time we designed a new collection we explored new avenues of marketing and sales, we did shows, shoots, pop-up stores, launch parties. The creative process is similar, each season it gets easier to come up with the new range as the brand establishes a signature style. 
How and what gives your inspiration for each collection? Do you go on fashion trips to gain inspiration?  

We love travel, we have been to Tokyo several times plus NYC and Bali together. Always those trips provide great inspiration as well as watching the international shows online, but it’s not necessary as such – we tend to just design from a place of what’s the piece we want in our wardrobe now? or what’s the new version of a favourite style from last collection? Often the fabric does the talking, a style just comes to mind straight away. 

Who is your target market? 

Women like us, aged 25-40. Women with an eye for quality and craftsmanship, smart buyers that want something unique but not heavily trend focused, buying pieces for longevity as well as fun.  


Where is the final product made?  

Our most recent collection was made in Bali where we were based for a few months developing it with our factory there, all collections prior were made here in Sydney. 

What’s your current achievement with the brand that you are most proud of? 

Fashion week was a highlight for sure, and landing a partnership with thegrandsocial.com. 

How many years did it take for your idea to hit reality and start becoming a reality? 

I think as soon as you set your mind on something it becomes a reality, we just wanting to create a collection so we did. Every season you start again in terms of getting it out to the customer so it is hard to build a brand when you’re producing physical and seasonal items. 

Any difficulties in creating and production?  

Of course, there are difficulties in anything you put effort into. In creating it could be that you really have a fabric in mind and it’s just not out there, or something looks great as a sketch but just doesn’t translate 3 dimensionally. In production – we haven’t had any disasters as such (thank goodness) just little things, it’s important to be as specific as possible with everything narrowing the margins of error.  

Before creating your brand did you work for another label? 

I worked for Cue on their label Veronika Maine as a designer. 
What are your future plans with your label?  

For now we are actually having a break in the designing while we clear some stock from past seasons, we just reshot some pieces from last winter, it’s fun to restyle and freshen up our image gallery. 

Who’s your inspiration/ fashion designers who you look up to? 

We love Nicholas Ghesquiere especially while he was at Balenciaga, we also love Alexander Wang and now he does Balenciaga! Stella McCartney, The Row, Celine, Givenchy, Jil Sander.  

What’s your feeling for future trends 

I feel like anything goes these days, it’s never been a big interest of mine to predict trends and I think it narrows creativity when you try to work that way. Hopefully the trend is toward ethically made quality garments.  

And lastly, any advice to people who want to get into the industry! 

If design is something you love to do then go for it, we must all spend time doing what lights us up.